Crystal Tomato® Skin Clarity Cream

天然美白防曬面霜推介|有效美白淡斑方法|Crystal Tomato®

Crystal Tomato® 美白去斑及防曬面霜推介,是公認有效美白淡斑方法,清爽質感,給您帶來不一樣的體驗。經臨床試驗,肌膚透明感霜能減少皮膚深色斑點,同時預防色斑形成。

想要有效美白淡斑方法 推介天然美白防曬面霜

近些年在《美妝市場品類經濟消費者指數》報告中,我們能瞭解到每一年的美妝消費趨勢變化,而美白雀斑話題熱度已逐年遞增至89%。可見越來越多人好奇防曬美白等問題,對有效美白方法和淡斑方法有需求,關注起防曬推介,期待能買到有效防曬面霜。面對此種現象,Crystal Tomato拿出實力,提供讓市場滿意的美白產品。

肌膚透明感霜就是Crystal Tomato重磅推出適用於所有膚質的色素脫失霜,完全在西班牙製造,在通過特定配方抑制生產黑色素以此達到美白去斑效果。與其他產品相比較,肌膚透明感霜除了能減少根除頑固性色斑外,還具備了防止新黑色素斑形成的作用,成為有效美白方法。



雖然肌膚透明感霜是淡斑方法中的優質選擇,但想要真正做到淡斑美白,仍然需要做好防曬美白工作。Crystal Tomato建議每日早晚使用肌膚透明感霜,白天配合使用防曬面霜推介全面防曬品-SPF50/PFA+++。

Crystal Tomato Cream


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With 13 co-related active ingredients, Crystal Tomato® Skin Clarity Cream corrects skin spots and its tailored cosmeceutical formula helps inhabit the enzyme mechanism that produce melanin. It also includes anti-oxidant, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Rumex Occidentalis Extract. No irritating ingredients is used in the product: paraben-free, steroid-free and Tretinoin-free.

Applications: Apply twice daily, morning and night, after cleansing. Massage lightly all over face until complete absorption, focusing on pigmentation spots.

Skin Clarity Cream acts as a guard to control the production of melanin and other skin hyperchromia. It also helps to prevent the formation of new melanin spots. Over 76.5% of the melasma patients benefited from improvements of over 25%. The result is much effective than completing depigmentation treatments.


  • Remove spots and pigmentation
  • Even skin tone
  • Inhabit melanin formation
  • Restore youthful skin
  • Anti-oxidant and hydrating factors protect you from harmful UV rays
  • No dry skin

1. 1. Skin Clarity Cream has built-in sun filters, is it necessary to use sunscreen?

Yes. The use of Sunblock is a Must even if the treatment product contains some degree of sunscreen properties. Always apply Sunblock as the final step to any skincare routine.

2. Will Skin Clarity Cream be beneficial to people with acne problem?

Yes, it is beneficial for acne sufferers. Crystal Tomato® Skin Clarity Cream helps to lighten dark acne scars and helps those with acne problems to maintain an even tone over an uneven complexion.f melanin.

3. Will melasma or pigmentation problems appear again if I discontinue the usage of Skin Clarity Cream?

Skin is a living organ. Hormonal issues, stress, environmental pollution, medications, etc are constant aggressors that trigger excessive melanin production which lead to Melasma and pigmentation issues. When Crystal Tomato® Skin Clarity Cream is discontinued, the skin will revert to its previous condition and its vulnerability to the same constant aggressors without the benefit and protection of Crystal Tomato® Skin Clarity Cream.

4. Does Crystal Tomato® Skin Clarity Cream contain Hydroquinone or any harsh whitening agents?

No. None of the harsh whitening agents popular with many whitening products are used in Crystal Tomato® Skin Clarity Cream. We emphasize no Hydroquinone, no Steroid, and no Retin-A.

5. What are the key active ingredients in Crystal Tomato® Skin Clarity Cream and what do they do?

Crystal Tomato® Skin Clarity Cream incorporates 13 synergistic active ingredients to specifically inhibit the different pathways in the production of melanin inside skin cells. One of these ingredients, Tyrosinase complex, is a particularly potent inhibitor of an important enzyme required for the formation of melanin. In addition, Crystal Tomato® Skin Clarity Cream also contains super antioxidants like Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Rumex Occidentalis extract. Together, they help to lighten facial spots and inhibit new formations of melanin.

6. Why is Crystal Tomato® Skin Clarity Cream beige to brownish in color?

The color is due to some of the natural ingredients in the formula. Color of the cream does not affect the product efficacy. It is normal to expect slight color variations in different production batches.

7. Can Crystal Tomato® Skin Clarity Cream be used immediately after laser treatment?

It is not advisable to use any cosmetic products immediately following laser treatment and especially if a procedure results in abrasions or lacerations.

8. Is Crystal Tomato® Skin Clarity Cream suitable for sensitive skin?

Patients with sensitive skin may feel slight itching or minor stinging sensation on the initial product application and sometimes redness may follow. These symptoms are temporary but if they do persist or if you develop an allergic reaction, you are advised to stop using the product.